Thursday, September 10, 2009

iTunes Pains (Again)

This time the upgrade to iTunes 9 broke my beloved MediaMonkey. I really should just use something else to get my podcasts and blow away iTunes. I don't even have an iPod anymore and have no plans of getting an iPhone -- there's really no reason to keep this piece of trash on my hard drive.
A work around was posted here:
Granted, its not iTunes' fault per se, and I'm sure MediaMonkey will get it fixed soon, just damned irritating. I didn't follow his instructions exactly...what I did was rename d_iPhone.dll to d_iPhone.dll.disabled in the MediaMonkey plugins folder in program files.

MediaMonkey has pushed out a beta release (a bit earlier than they were planning) that fixes compatibility with iTunes 9, only 1 day after it came out:  It might be better to delete the file rather than rename it (if you're comfortable with that), then it will be replaced when the new installer is run.