Monday, September 21, 2009

Extending NTFS with Bad Sectors

I wanted to grow an NTFS partition to use unallocated space this weekend on an XP machine. If it were Vista or Win7, I would have used the built in resizing ability in disk management, and I found I could not do so with my usual tool of choice (GParted Live CD). The error message said that it could not complete the operation because of two bad sectors, and to run chkdsk (which I did) and then use ntfsresize with the --bad-sectors option. When I tried this, it said it couldn't grow it unless I make it bigger with fdisk. The only way I know how to do this would be to create an entirely new partition (which would mean all the hassle of reinstalling windows and the needed apps). I was finally able to do it with EASEUS Partition Master Personal. Unfortunately, it is not open source, but it is free and it did what I was trying to do without restarting in minutes.