Thursday, September 1, 2011

A few Autohotkey scripts

I decided to post the source for a few Autohotkey scripts a couple of days ago:

  • GW Tonic Bot : This one is a bot to drink tonics for you in Guild Wars to help you get your Party Animal title. It maps back and forth between your Guild Hall and drinks 2 tonics (yes, 2 tonics because of a bug in GW) each time it stops.
  • GW Drunkard Bot : This one was meant to drink alcohol at specific intervals to achieve optimal points towards your Drunkard title.  This was made obsolete by the March 3, 2011 update.  You can now click them (or have an autoclicker click them) as fast as you want.
  • Generic Autoclicker : This one can be for any kind of automated clicking, it just clicks (or double clicks) where you tell it to at an interval you specify.
Note that I haven't tested them in IronAHK, only Autohotkey on Windows.  Also note that it's also easy to convert these to an .exe file if you don't want to install Autohotkey.  And if a non-techie is reading this, I'm happy to provide that for you.  Just leave a comment below.

Also feel free to comment (or fork) either of these scripts if you have improvements.  Some people have found that the delay between mappings in the tonic bot is not long enough for slower internet connections and so you have to tell it to drink more tonics than you'd think (since some clicks will be wasted).