Friday, May 21, 2010

Syntax Highlighting in Blogger: Round 2

So I'm now able to use the popular SyntaxHighlighter that most blogs use. I don't know what was stopping me before: maybe I've gone up in intelligence or they've fixed some bug. There's excellent instructions here. I think I'm going to make the move to this, since it's easier to read, has more features, and is more standard that the Prettify script I was using before. And one additional nice feature is I don't have to manually set my style="overflow:auto;", instead I just do
<pre class="brush:xml; wrap-lines:false">
And there's no longer a need to do an onLoad in the body tag, and a Groovy brush!
I've gone back to old posts and switched the styles, let me know if I've missed any.

Edit: Actually I think maybe the reason was my own lack of attention. I think I forgot to add '' to NoScript's whitelist, and that's the host the scripts are currently hosted on, and it magically started working for me because I was in Chrome instead of Firefox. Doh! ... Doh? Who knows for sure?

Edit: The instructions aren't really up to date anymore, as new brushes have been added. Here is an updated example (note this uses the default theme, but you can choose to use other themes):

This still goes inside the header area of the template, which means you'll still need to manually edit the HTML.