Friday, November 6, 2009

Groovy 1.7 Beta 2 Available

It’s a bit of old news, but I don’t remember seeing anything about it until today.
It was available 12 Oct, and Windows installer binaries were available 18 Oct. Get yourshere.

A draft of the current features is available at  This release is mostly bug fixes, with two notable improvements.  They have added the ability to alter the meaning of Groovy Truth.  This lets you add some truth to your own class by adding the asBoolean method:

class Foo {
  String value
  boolean asBoolean() { value == "something true" }
assert new Foo(value: "something true")
assert !new Foo(value: "teh cake is a lie")

And of course, using ExpandoMetaClass, you can alter the behavior for Groovy classes that already have a Groovy Truth defined:
Integer.metaClass.asBoolean { int value ->
  return value > 0
Integer foo = 7
assert foo.asBoolean()

They’ve also added stylish outputs for assertion failures (I guess taken from the Spock testing framework):
int foo = 0
int bar = 1
assert foo == bar
will display:
Assertion failed:
assert foo == bar
       |   |  |
       0   |  1

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