Monday, October 5, 2009

Things About This Universe That Amuse Me

We live in a weird universe.
  1. There are more species of beetles than any other order the animal kingdom, comprising 25% of all known life-forms.
  2. Humans are the only species that drinks milk from a species other than their own.
  3. There are significantly less than a googol of atoms in the known universe.
  4. Onomatopoeias
  5. Time is relative.
  6. More people have died than are currently alive (6% of all people who had ever existed were alive in 2002).
  7. The chimpanzee genome is 95% identical to the human genome. And up to 95% of our genome may be junk left behind by retroviruses and evolutionary artifacts.
  8. Humans are the only species known to use the smile to express something other than fear and aggression.
  9. ∞ - ∞ != 0.
  10. Human childbirth. How does this not kill us? The infant's skull actually changes shape as it passes through the birth canal.
  11. Human flora. The womb is sterile, but after the family has finished kissing and caressing, 500 to 1000 kinds of bacteria live in the gut, and just as many on the skin. Cool.