Tuesday, August 18, 2009

GW2 Update (well, sorta)

Yesterday ArenaNet put the Test Krewe page back up and gave some small hints at forthcoming GW2 news. They've posted a shiny swf on their homepage to be:, created a facebook page:, and a twitter account: All indicators that they're preparing to release some news. Probably nothing as dramatic as a date yet, but we should at least get a trailer and some concept art. Maybe even some discussion about the professions (my prediction is that it will be the core professions from GW1 or very similar, based on the fact the shaping of the world has cut off Tyria from Cantha and Elona).
The related GWGuru page is here: Mostly people are excited (those that haven't left the game anyway) though some other pages lurking on the internets weren't as generous.
Am I peeing my pants excited? No. But as I've said, I do think little tidbits, even if they're contrived and only give the illusion of progress (which I don't think these will be) are an important part of keeping a feeling of aliveness in the community.

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